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ME sun care - Anti Aging Tanning System
For a stronger, deeper and safer tan with less sun exposure
Thanks to the perfect balance between the ancestral tradition and the modern technology of the vegetal extractions, the
Monoï of Tahiti is the Polynesian cult oil.
It is a prodigious product for the skin and hair care; it’s considered a cult because it is a ritual traditional oil; it represents the real secret for personal beauty.
It represents the new, concrete and ethic guarantee of all natural cosmetics.
The fusion between the Monoï Tiare tradition and modern ingredients creates a new concept of cosmetics dedicated to tanning and much more.
The pure Monoï Tiare is produced through a traditional maceration of gardenia tahitensis in the cocos nucifera oil for 20 days. The coconut oil, native to the French Polynesia, is worked to extract its excellent features.
The gardenia tahitensis (the Tiare flower) is the core of the Monoï because it guarantees to the oil its calming and purifying characteristics. The Monoï Tiare benefits are enhanced by the modern ingredients (Elix-IRTM, Exo-HTM, MelactivaTM, Melitane®, Wildberry HarvestTM: they give excellent results to increase tanning and have an incredible anti-aging effect.
Tradition, purity and technology... in one unique revolutionary formula
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