Nativity collection
Christmas in the name of design. Tradition meets contemporary for the most magical holiday of the year, giving new life to one of the festivity’s iconic symbol: the Nativity scene. Welcoming shapes and clean lines define the two versions - Harmony and Purity - with which the characters of the Nativity are relaunched, becoming original, elegant year-round decorations. With the desire to pay homage to the cultures of the countries that celebrated the Coming of Jesus over 2,000 years ago, “I Presepini” bring Christmas to homes all around the world offering a unique interpretation of this solemn moment: a balance between tradition and modernity, classicism and minimalism.
“Presepini®” are made of certified natural materials derived exclusively from Italy: resin for the characters of the Nativity and wood for the different little huts. They are also designed observing European standards and are safe for children.

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