Modular forniture
Our time is time of change
Movement, dynamism and industriousness beat days of people leaving the present with intense ferment, people who wants to follow its rhythm looking at the future. A lively rhythm which draw on men everyday life to design contemporary spaces, full of eclecticism and contamination more than ever.
That’s No Limits: perfect harmony between versatility and taste, boldness and elegance, creativity and luxury, present trend reflecting in the coolest haunts all over the world.
Every moment is lived deeply and it becomes unforgettable like a precious jewel, to be admired, tasted and savored with deliciousness, all day long.
Sectionality and modularity are No Limit’s key-words. Like an haute-couture suit, this system is tailor-made for every space, thanks to a wide range of exposing systems for bars, gelato and pastry shops which joint high technology with maximum functionality and refined and contemporary design.
Designed to meet passionate creativity of designers and most different necessities of its customers, No Limits proposes a kaleidoscope of solutions never seen before, playing with multiple levels (horizontal and vertical) and heights, volumes, colours.
Going beyond geographic and stylish borders and always taking present market trends into consideration, this system signed by Gelostandard is addressed to all “food & beverage” artists and is their perfect tool.
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