Private house
Privato 03
Studiòvo signed the project of interior of a private apartment of 200 sqm in the heart of the historic center of Lucca, pointing to a sleek and contemporary design.
The spaces are defined by alternating with bright tones and bolder color details, from the living room where the protagonist is a custom made wooden lacquered brown-anthracite wall consisting of fragments that open and guard objects and home accessories. Front, the kitchen is copiously illuminated by a large arched window that reveals areas and furniture in lacquered wood and Corian. And if the master bedroom captures the attention for a generous bed of Corian that appears to hover above the floor with a head LED backlit, the surprise is in the next bathroom with a fire red wall, surprising with a touch of color and warmth. Illuminated with LED solutions and managed by a home automation system of last generation, the apartment is fully covered floor of a pickled oak flooring. Upon completion of the spaces, a guest room with a massive system of wardrobes, a bathroom wall where the main stoneware and anthracite material effect contrasts harmoniously with the cleaning of Corian and glass used for furniture and accessories, and finally, three terraces, two of the most intimate and one of about 80 square meters where you can enjoy a splendid view over the city walls.

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