Design of a label for Mottura, important winery from Salento whose products are exported all over the world.
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In vino veritas.
Land inextricably linked to the high quality and creative Mediterranean cuisine, Salento offers a wide variety of wine labels from the rich flavor and full bodied. No exception to the family of red and white wines Messapico, produced by a local private cellar and distributed throughout the country.
Studiòvo designed a line of labels from the refined taste by simple but incisive figurative elements fails to disclose the identity of the product. Framed by a thin gold border, geographic information, the vintage and the brand with the particular Primitivo, Negroamaro and Locorotondo are elegantly written using a simple font, but pardoned. The images are entrusted with the task of capturing, even before the palate, eyes and mind, opening the doors of the collective imagination of Salento. The sun, the moon and the tarantula, whose bite causes poisonous effects seizure imitated those famous dance in Apulia region, are discovering a taste of tradition, culture and wine, which has its roots in the past, then project into the future.
Immediate, basic but full of meaning, the graphic identity of Messapico imagined by Studiòvo fully reflects the genuine, authentic and sincere nature of the product and its land. Why, every glass of wine embodies a little truth.

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